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Online Learning Management Network

Online Learning Management Network

NAMC is a member of the Elgg Web 2.0 social network development community and has developed a version of the Elgg program for use by our clients. Elgg was started in 2004 with the aim of providing an elegant and powerful solution for creating online learning communities. Elgg is open source software available under the MIT license and powers customized social networks for education and business.

The NAMC Private Talent Networks empower and engage employees and leaders through a fully-featured social network with integrated PointLeader tools, BIRT online dynamic reporting, and NAMC online learning.  Learn more about Private Talent Networks for PointLeader at

Advantages of the NAMC Private Talent Network program

  • Activity-NAMC Private Talent Network has a comprehensive activity stream which provides an at-a-glance look at employee activity from across the site, as well as the activity of others. You can filter the activity stream to only include particular tools or types of action, making this a powerful addition to your learning network.
  • Profile-NAMC Private Talent Network includes employee profile fields which can be extended or completely changed by the HR administrator. The profile can pull together information from the NAMC Private Talent Network site, as well as from external sources.
  • Notifications-You can keep track of what learners are doing through the notification method of your choice. Email and internal messaging are both available for notification to and from employees.
  • Groups-Learning groups and subgroups are created by administrators for training classrooms and career development topics. Employees and facilitators can take advantage of the collaborative group discussion area, group files, group blogs and group pages.
  • Blog-NAMC Private Talent Networks have a blogging tool for use by employees and facilitators to share their learning experiences and challenges.
  • Files-NAMC Private Talent Networks provide a full file repository that will handle a wide variety of data including photos, word documents, audio files, videos, PDFs and more. Employees can find useful training documents and policies, as well as upload assignments for classes.
  • The Wire-The Wire provides a personal Twitter service to the NAMC Private Talent Network. Employees can post to the wire via the site and SMS. Administrators can push wire posts out to Twitter so your employees can localize usage while still taking advantage of their Twitter account.
  • Pages-The Pages plugin allows users to save and store hierarchically-organized pages of text, and control who can read and write to them. This means that a learning group can collaboratively create a set of documents, participate in a writing process with a formal group, or simply use the functionality to write a document that only you can see, and only choose to share it once it’s done.
  • Dashboard-NAMC Private Talent Networks have a flexible user Dashboard. The dashboard acts as a user’s personal portal to the site, displaying information – both from the site and external sources – that they use for classes and group learning.
  • Website Bookmarking-NAMC Private Talent Networks provide users with a simple tool to bookmark and share learning resources from all over the web.
  • Categories-The NAMC Private Talent Network site administrator can set site-wide categories. These categories are then available for users when creating a new blog post, uploading files or constructing pages. A great way to provide some loose structure.
  • Access-NAMC Private Talent Networks have powerful, granular, levels of access controls for users. Administrators can restrict content from anywhere on the site to be accessible only by other administrators, class facilitators, or certain employees. This is useful for managing classroom access and TMS features.