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The NAMC team of experts understand the importance of strong leadership to the success of organizations. We also know that building strong leadership requires identifying the critical competencies for leadership success in the organizational role, finding those who have high potential on the critical leadership competencies, and developing potential into actual leadership performance.
NAMC is one of two exclusive distributors of the PointLeader Talent Management System of tools for building and keeping strong leadership in any organization. Based on a synthesis of over 50 years of leadership research, leveraged through cutting edge technology, PointLeader was developed to be a cost effective, but useful alternative to conventional leadership development solutions.

The PointLeader approach is to identify hi-potential leaders using research-based predictive tools, provide useful feedback with performance measures aligned to critical leadership competencies, and provide the leaders with the PointLeader tools they need to optimize their potential success by identifying, developing, and retaining future leadership talent.