Training & Talent Management Systems Provider


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COur Services

NAMC provides technology enhanced human resource services to clients through our team of experts and our technology solutions. The world has moved toward self-service and that puts a greater emphasis on technology and strategic services.  The NAMC service approach is to place a priority on building strategic internal HR capacity and technology within a client organization, while using our external experts to build the internal resources and cover current gaps in H.R. services.


Workforce Management System

Workforce management systems forecast your workload, create the best plans to meet your workload, turn plans into schedules, assigns workers to schedules, adjusts schedules and assignments as workload changes, and assigns tasks to workers in real time.

Competency Modeling

Our competency modeling approach has been selected for use in over 800 jobs across occupations in government and industry.  In this work we use the PointLeader Competency Profiler, a 20-minute online job analysis questionnaire benchmarked to all jobs in the US through the O*NET.

Leadership Solutions

It is our mission to give leaders the resources they need to succeed.  NAMC has optimized the quality of leadership solutions by teaching leaders to be successful through the use of the PointLeader TMS tools.leadership solutions by teaching leaders to be successful through the use of the PointLeader TMS tools.

Talent Management Systems

We provide the online, integrated PointLeader Talent Management Systems (TMS) that provide useful information for employees, HR professionals, leaders and organizations. TMS was designed from the ground up to be a fair, useful, flexible, and valid system for predicting, evaluating, and developing performance.

HR Technology Solutions

The use of SaaS and PaaS technology solutions has revolutionized work in HR outsourcing over the last decade and will continue to do so into the future.  Our HR technology solutions allow companies to offload work that isn’t part of their core business at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

IT Solutions

We combine deep industry and technical expertise to help customers align technology to business strategy and objectives. We understand application challenges and have helped many companies with innovative application solutions. We deliver cost-advantaged integration and development services using industry leading frameworks for quality, maturity, and service management.