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PointLeader Talent Management Will Help You Succeed.

Successful business executives know that your primary, possibly only, competitive advantage in business today is your workforce.  This is your largest expenditure, but the one that can gain you the most return on investment–if you manage your talent wisely.  To do this, you need the right data provided to you in a timely and useful manner for decision making.

You need data from fair and valid tools for selecting and placing the right people into the right jobs, implementing performance measurement systems that direct and develop employee efforts in a useful manner, and  these tools have to be aligned with important business outcomes.  And you need to be able to use the results without getting a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics or computer programming.  And at a price you can afford.

The PointLeader system is the only one of its kind in that it has three intelligent tools (i.e., tools with validated and aligned content) integrated on the same platform, versus talent management systems that provide aligned ignorant tools (i.e., technology solutions that require the user to provide the content).  We depend on the newest approaches in cloud computing to securely maintain the system for users of all sizes at a low cost per user.

PointLeader Competency Profiler

The PointLeader Competency Profiler is a 20-minute online job analysis questionnaire based on the PointLeader empirically validated, four domain, 40 competency job performance model benchmarked to all jobs in the US Economy through the O*NET.  Competencies are units of description for requirements of any job that are written at a mid-level, as opposed to the micro level of task descriptions. To learn more about the PointLeader competency model, please refer to Dr. Davies’ research papers and blog on this website.

PointLeader Potential Assessment

The Potential Assessment is a 40-minute, online, dynamic assessment of ten dimensions that predicts job performance across all competencies, jobs, industries, and organizations using a proprietary configural scoring system. It is the industry standard for providing a fair and predictive employee assessment system aligned to jobs and performance.  The Potential Assessment predicts reduced turnover, higher performance, higher organizational commitment, fewer lost time accidents, fewer absences/times tardy, fewer failed drug tests, and higher employee satisfaction across industries and levels.  Based on 10 years of research with thousands of respondents, the Potential Assessment is the only assessment that is fair to all people–including Native, Hispanic & Asian Americans.

PointLeader Performance Measure

The PointLeader Performance Measure is the online performance appraisal tool within PointLeader. It is based on the best research and practices in performance measurement.  We urge you to review Dr. Davies’ research articles and blogs on models and measures of job performance measurement in order to understand the basis for the PPM.  Competency based performance ratings are aligned to employee goals, with goal attainment metrics included with the PPM as a client option.  The PPM results are aligned to the PointLeader Learning Management module for guiding employee development on critical competencies through online classrooms.

PointLeader Learning Management

The PointLeader learning management component is aligned to our competency model.  This means that development is aligned with the requirements of  jobs and employees.  The PointLeader system directs employees to online learning management resources that align to gaps in their job performance.


PointLeader is designed as a configurable set of modules that may be implemented separately, or as a set; read more about our modular approach on the Implementation page.  Operational use of the PointLeader TMS is supported by a “supergroup” of assessment and IT professionals. Please refer to our About Us page to learn more about our team.