Training & Talent Management Systems Provider


Description of the NAMC Training Program

The NAMC training program was designed to optimize the learning experience now, and into the future for our customers.  To realize this goal, we use the newest in blended learning approaches. Our blended learning includes five interacting methods to maximize training effectiveness:

  1. Learners begin with an Instructor Led Online (ILO) training course provided through the NAMC Private Learning Network
  2. Following the ILO training course, NAMC provides ongoing self-paced e-learning to learners through the Private Learning Network platform
  3. Learning communities are formed in the Private Learning Network that provide mentors to learners
  4. Learners are provided access to the PointLeader tools to guide on-the-job training
  5. NAMC provides career fit and career path information for learners to use in their long term learning goals


Benefits of the NAMC Training Program

1.Effective learning on an efficient timeline. The NAMC ILO training courses provide University level, professor led, online experience of interaction with 15 – 20 other learners, mentors, and curriculum within a consolidated one-week time frame. Each program is highly interactive.
2. Flexible, yet structured to drive learning. Training schedules require a minimum of 2 hours of online learner interaction per day, and can be divided into segments and devoted to the classroom anytime day or night. Instructors are interacting with students on a daily basis.
3. Supports learning in a peer environment. Learning occurs in the classroom with the professor, through interactions with fellow learners both in and outside of the classroom, and from resources shared by all participants; however, our program is not an open door to all who care to take part, it is a private community of learners with a common goal.

4.Cost effective with long term benefits. The NAMC program provides immediate cost savings through no travel, no time off work, and no programs to install on your computer; at a fraction of the average costs per person, or, per class of in-person training.  Long term benefits include ongoing access to the learning community and resources by training program graduates.